Equal Opportunites

Herbosch-Kiere Marine Contractors Ltd is committed to an employment and training policy of equal opportunities with no discrimination on any grounds other than the merits and abilities required from the individual to carry out the job.

Unjustifiable discrimination occurs when people are treated less favourably than they would otherwise be, by virtue of their sex, ethnic origin, age or disability. This is the form of discrimination to which we are opposed.

Our staff will be made aware that any act of unjustifiable discrimination, as laid down in the ‘Sex Discrimination Act’, ‘Disability Act’ and the ‘Race Relations Act’, which they commit in the course of their work is in contravention of this policy which will lead to disciplinary action.

We will continue to endeavour to ensure that all staff, regardless of sex, ethnic origin etc. are encouraged to develop to their full potential through training and by example. The Managing Director has responsibility for the implementation and monitoring of this policy, and will ensure that equal opportunities are observed at all times.