H S E & Q

Herbosch-Kiere’s foremost objective is the provision and maintenance of a safe and healthy environment for clients, employees, contractors, visitors and the general public. Achieving this requires the implementation of effective systems for the assessment, control, monitoring and review of all our operations.

The Directors will ensure that Herbosch-Kiere continues to meet its legal and moral obligations through communication, consultation and involvement of all employees and other stakeholders who may be affected by our activities. The Herbosch-Kiere Health & Safety Policy defines how we will manage the health, safety and welfare of those affected by our operations. It specifies systems and responsibilities to ensure that the Company’s activities are carried out not only within the requirements of the law but also to fulfil our corporate social responsibilities. The Health and Safety Policy is supported by all our procedures and systems. All employees,
Health and Safety
both direct and sub-contract, are required to observe the H&S policy. Herbosch-Kiere actively promotes the involvement of stakeholders in providing a safe place of work. The company continually assesses its safety performance and is committed to continuous improvement. We have a commitment to developing and training all our employees to enable them to safely fulfill their roles.